CTM design a whole range of bespoke storage systems for a variety of materials.

All of these storage hoppers and silos are tailor made to suit the individual application such as length, width, height and shape to suit material handled, planning constraints, transport constraints and economy of manufacture.

They are all supplied with their own supporting structures and are complete with either stairways or ladders to access any roof mounted equipment such as filters, spreader screws, level controls etc.

The storage facilities are designed with the material characteristics in mind, the local conditions to cater with the wind forces and have an allowable freeboard to give enough ullage to create the necessary amount of volumetric storage space.

They will also take into account any external loads imposed, for example, by side pumping in @ high or low level or loads imposed from conveyors systems feeding in from above.

They can be from mild steel painted, glass fused, welded and/or bolted or stainless steel if the environmental conditions dictate.

Various discharge systems can be fitted to the base of the storage system in the form of multiple screw live bottom bin or hydraulic push floors that can in turn either discharge straight to lorry (if elevated), to multiple pumps or screw or belt conveyors for onward transportation on to the next phase of the process or outloading as required.

CTM Systems have supplied units form as small as 5 Tonnes storage up to 500 Tonnes in a single silo.

Materials ranging from dewatered sewage cake, meat, pelletized wood. Liquid Kalic, dried dog food, salt, shredded foam, chips, spent draff.