Cooling Conveyors

Cooling-Screw-Conveyors can be utilised to cool bulk-solids, bed-ashes, flue-dust, sewage-slurries, cements, salts, plastics, pyrolysis residues. For each application custom-tailored solutions can be offered. Cooling screw conveyors represent the ideal solution for any application, where effective handling and separation of the bulk-solid and coolant medium is a must.

Cooling can be offered by the means of an external cooling jacket on the casing of the screw conveyor, or along the centre tube of the screw assembly itself or a combination of the two.

With many proven cooling conveyors in the field within multiple sectors please do not hesitate to make contact to discuss your requirements and benefit from the wealth of our in-house design and manufacturing experience.

The units are pressure tested in the factory before dispatch with vigorous quality control in operation throughout the manufacturing process to ensure effective and reliable operation for the end user.

Bucket Elevators

Our Bucket Elevator systems offer an effective method of transportation of a wide range of products from powders through to bulky aggregates within a series of moving buckets. Providing a means of elevating bulk materials which need to be handled gently and eliminating spillage and dust due to the enclosed casing design.

Offering tried and tested design concepts to the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, recycling and sludge handling sectors.


  • Easy Transportation
  • High Capacity
  • Less Power Consumption
  • Maintenance Free
  • Steady Functioning
  • Product enclosed and protected from the elements
  • Handling of free-flowing material or material with poor flow characteristics
  • Low noise operation
  • Vertical transport

Please contact [email protected] for advice or guidance on your specific application or requirement.