CTM System’s design a whole range of bespoke mixers for a variety of materials. The mixers can be either continuous or batch. They can be plain bodies or jacketed for steam heating or water cooling.  They can be strengthened for mixing under vacuum if required. Continuous mixers can be single of the twin screw/paddle variety dependent upon the space and material characteristics. Batch mixers can be of the single shaft double helix/inner helix variety or they can be of the twin intermeshing paddle variety. They can be manufactured in batch sizes of up to 15m working volume.

Materials can be 304 or 316 stainless steel (food quality) or carbon steel (industrial applications). Either direct drive(s) or planetary (in the case of twin shaft intermeshing). They can be supplied open topped (suitably guarded) or with hinged or sliding covers suitable for infeed by bulk tippers (CTM tippers or clients). Discharge can either be end wall hinged cat flap style of bottom bomb door style dependent upon the site parameters.

They can be manufactured with an integral weighing system, inbuilt supports, or standalone dependent upon the individual needs.

All of these bunkers hoppers and silos are tailor made to suit the individual application usually associated with pit depth (limited by such things as water table) and size of lorry being used to load into the bunkers and of course – the storage requirements of the bunker. They can be supplied with an integral hydraulically actuated lid that will open to receive, then close to contain odours or open topped if they are situated within an odour controlled building or with a roller shutter door and local enclosure over the top.

They are all supplied with their own supporting structures and are complete with either stairways or ladders to access any roof mounted equipment such odour connections, hydraulic power packs or level controls etc. Materials ranging from dewatered sewage cake, meat, pizza topping, shredded foam, wood chips pelletized wood, coffee beans, lime powder have been successfully mixed using a CTM heavy duty mixer.


CTM Systems Limited design and manufacture a wide range of stainless-steel rotary blanchers and pre-heaters to either blanch (post-cutting) or pre-heat (pre-cutting) whole potato or potato chips respectively. Up to 30 TPH can be accommodated with dwell times of 20 minutes.

The machines are complete with an integral Ferris wheel discharge, triple start on the screw to reduce discharge surges with either perforated or plain flights. The water temperature is controlled by an external steam injector and pipework system that ensures an equal disbursement of temperature within the water with minimal hotspots to ensure a constant hot water environment.

Typical sizes range from 1.6m diameter to over 2.6m diameter with lengths up to 10 metres. Bespoke designs are available to suit your requirements.

Rod Washers

CTM design and manufacture to client’s specific requirements stainless-steel rod washers designed to peel clean potatoes, carrots, and other root vegetables. Typically, up to 30 TPH can be accommodated with a 1.5m diameter x 5m length over barrel. The units are self-contained with hinged access covers, drip trays, four wheel or two-wheel drives, integral counter rotating cleaning brush and integral spray pipes utilising clean and recycled water.

Inlet and discharge chutes are fitted with a remotely adjustable quadrant plate to increase the retention for more intensive cleaning at a lower throughput. Unpeeled vegetables can be processed but at a reduced throughput typically 50% of the peeled throughputs.