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Having an established in-house design capability using 2d & 3d drawing and modelling software with the ability to offer BIM (Building and Infrastructure Designs). Allowing our clients to analyse design concepts before order placement, to demonstrate to our customers the suitability and effectiveness of our proposals in a cost-efficient manner.

Offering the following benefits below: –

  • Better Collaboration and Communication during the design liaison stage with customers.
  • Model-Based Cost Estimation
  • Preconstruction Project Visualisation
  • Improved HAZOP analysis
  • Improved Coordination and Clash Detection
  • Reduced Cost and Mitigated Risk
  • Improved Scheduling/Sequencing
  • Increased Productivity and assembly
  • Maintenance analysis
  • Safer site environment for end users

The model is then used to generate the design documentation for manufacture.

Our combined specialist knowledge with personnel exceeding 30 years plus experience within the bulk handling industry, linked with the latest design software available. Enables us to supple market leading design solutions, which are innovative to budget and within a specified budget.

CTM Systems proven success is demonstrated across many sectors for example Wastewater processing, Fresh water processing, Food processing and handling, Bioenergy and Recycling, and Quarrying to name just a few.

Backed up by an inhouse production facility where our designs can be transformed from computer models on software packages , to the finished product ready to be transported and installed by a team of our qualified site engineers, through to the commissioning stages and reliable daily operation.

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